Friday, 29 November 2013

Fashion Rules at KP - Part 2 of 2

Following on from the last post here are the 5 dresses on display from the late Princess Diana.  All of these dresses were auctioned at her famous auction in June 1997.  Only one dress - the red Bruce Oldfield - was never worn in public, so we can only imagine what Diana would have looked like wearing it.
The 5 dresses in a circular cabinet.

Bruce Oldfield design.

This dress was bought by 2 ladies
in the USA who kindly loaned 
it to the exhibition.

Detail of the beading.
Blue Jaques Azagury worn on 
visit to Italy 1985.
Detail of the embroidery.

Bow detail on the drop waist.
Diana wearing the dress in 
Italy.  The blue fabric is no 
longer quite so vivid.

The rear view.

The dress was bought by a US 
magazine  (Life or Time I think!)
A beautiful pale pink Zandra Rhodes 

Lots of detail in the dress but it is so 
pale that it is hidden the fabric is 
painted with white and the beading 
is lovely - you need to see this up 
close to appreciate the detail.

The first outing on tour 
in Japan.
Diana wearing the dress a 
second time in London 
in a heat wave!

Ruching and sequins add 
to the detail.
A cute little frill on the tush!
here you can see the detailed pattern 
on the fabric and the sequin finish to the 
shaped hems.

The blue strapless Murray Arbeid dress.
Navy blue tulle covered in spangly 
stars covers a purple silk fabric to 
give this lovely iridescent effect.

Diana first wore the dress to see 
the premiere of Phantom of the Opera
in 1986.
Photo ITN - Diana at the premiere of 
Phantom 1986.
Snowdon's portrait of Diana for 
her "Dresses" auction catalogue 
in 1997.

Here you can see the iridescent 
fabric quite well.

And the lovely diamante stars.

The detail of the hem finishing.
Catherine Walker one shoulder 

This dress features lovely sequin 
work in shades of pink.

A side zip keeps the dress 
looking svelte.

Diana famously meets 
Liza Minelli in this dress.
Wearing the dress on tour in 
Brazil with her beautiful 
Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara.
Further detail of the sequins on 
the skirt.

Here you can see the back with 
long split.  In the background you 
can see one of the videos playing 
on the wall  - here Diana meeting 
Michael Jackson.  Sad how 2 
young people are now 
both deceased :-(

And those cushions again as I left!

Portraits of residents past and present at KP.

Diana by Testino.

And the lovely Julie Verhoven Diana Wallpaper!  
I have the scarves which were made in this 
same design...that's for another post sometime.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fashion Rules at Kensington Palace Part 1

Last summer I visited the new Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace.  It contains some fabulous 50's frocks from the Queen's collection as well as some clothes from the late Princess Margaret and the late Princess Diana....first we look at the Queen and Princess Margarets' dresses...

Kensington Palace - under wraps renovating
 the Palace ready for William and Kate to
move in.

Cushions depicting the royal inhabitants of KP!

Princess Diana's love of ballet reflected by ballet pointes on 
the walls.

The exhibition "title page".

A video palys on the wall - with 
"morphing" Queen/Margaret/Diana silhouettes.

Hartnell for the Queen.

Fabulous beading details.

Another typical 50' style dress 
for the Queen.

complete with more exquisite embroidery 
and beading.

All the Queen's dresses.

Frilly back.

One of Margaret's dresses - I like 
the halter style.

Elegant 50's day wear.

Margaret's fur coat!

Think these were 70's styles for 

Margaret's famous Maharaja outfit....

......the ornate headdress to match.

More day wear and evening gown - Margaret's I think.

More ornate embroidery and beading.

The Queen's dresses again..

The cabinet of all the Queen's dresses - a 
pretty impressive opener to the exhibition!

A cabinet full of glamour!

The cabinets allow the viewer to see
the dresses from all angles.

The backs of the dresses were
as glam as the fronts!

The beading on this dress was 
fabulous.  Really fit for a Queen!

Next time we will look at Princess Diana's dresses which were on show.