Friday, 30 May 2014

Royal baby for Monaco!

TSH Prince Albert and Princess Charlene today announced that they are expecting a baby at the end of the year - congratulations to them!

Photo via Daily Mail

Sunday, 18 May 2014

OMG I Saw The Queen!

I was in London last week for a talk at the V&A and the ballet, but as I knew that Her Majesty would be at Westminster Abbey for the Bath Service as I arrived in London, I chanced a trek over to the Abbey on foot in the vague hope I may see the Queen leave the Abbey....thankfully I walked instead of taking the bus as the traffic was horrendous.....anyway I got there just in time to see the Queen depart - sadly not walking from the Abbey to her car but from a side entrance actually in her big car.  Had I gone further over on a side road I would have had a better view but I think you can make her out - the fist photo is my original photo and the second is that photo zoomed in/blown up so you can see.....

Monday, 12 May 2014

Spring Ducklings 2014

 True to form, this year is no exception at my sister's home - she has had 3 lots of new arrivals this spring!  Here is the first family of mallard ducklings to arrive a few weeks ago - there were 8 ducklings but only 6 have so far made it.  How cute are these little fellas?!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Venice Souvenir

In Venice I found exactly what I was looking for:-

Yes a Maxi Twilly

Brides de Gala

Top side pink

Under side black

The pink side has a less intense pattern

Whereas the black is a lot more busy.  
A great combo I think you will agree and very good value!

Now my modelling shots were taken in a hurry 
so please forgive the slightly untidy look!  First up a bow.

Simply wrapped around the neck and ends 
secured with scarf ring

A bow using the black side

A Maxi Twilly Triple Knot in the black (how to here)

And in pink.

Here I gave the scarf a twist at the 
back to get one side in each colour.

Bow as before using both colours

Here I folded the scarf in half 
length ways and then used a 
shawl ring to secure for a shorter 

Just a wrap around and single 
knot to tie.

The Hermes window in Venice with a 
beautiful scarf I VERY much covet!!