Thursday, 8 September 2016

Market Trip in Milan

Following on from my last post, Milan is a foodie heaven.  You do not have to look far to find beautiful produce.  On my last day I headed for the small fresh market of Largo V Alpini in the north west of Milan.  It was very small but oh I was in fresh market heaven!
A huge display of fabulous fruit and veg!

I love the presentation of uniform vegetables:- round
courgettes, artichokes, radicchio and white onions

Courgette flowers - something of a delicacy - tomatoes, 
peppers and the fabulous tree shaped romanescu 

Every fruit imaginable pineapples, apples,
strawberries, oranges....
I loved these rosettes of Chicorino they
were beautiful and I have never seen them before.

Smaller vegetables/salad leaves and herbs.


Various preserved fish, capers, sun dried
tomatoes, nuts etc..

Colourful pulses.
Salted Fish here and preserves and honey in
the background.
Every kind of olive imaginable!
A lovely cheese shop sold a huge variety of cheese.

A lovely colourful plant shop.

In amongst the plants the must have Basil!!
And finally the florist.

Next time we'll have a look at some the yummy finds I made!


  1. Wow! Gorgeous goodies....thanks for sharing, looks delicious. Can't wait to see what you made! PPx

  2. Visiting outdoor markets is always an enjoyable time for me to find the most fresh ingredients for cooking, and also the atmosphere to chatting with the vendors. Lovely photos, SA.

  3. Wow, Dear, what a display! I truly like market photos, range of colours, shapes, varieties...beautiful. And I always zoom the photos to see the details. It seems the market is very well supplied and you had a wide range of products to choose from. Eager to see what you selected. Have a nice day, Maria

  4. I am a sort of a freak about the market posts. I already wrote a comment about it, but it probably did not go through. I am delighted by produces, their colours, shapes and, actually, by the fact what nature created for us. It is a sort of art too! Food, if made in a simple way and from fresh, seasonal ingredients (which is a sort of rule in Italy) can be delighting. Best, Maria

    1. Thank you Maria - Milan has many markets so if you are able to you can visit one every day! SAx

  5. What a wonderful place! Everything looks so beautiful and well organized! :)

    1. It was Linda - everything in its place - stalls and produce LOL! SAx