Thursday, 26 April 2012

More Dior!

As you know I recently bought a Christian Dior scarf, anyway I did see some others that caught my eye.  So a few weeks ago I went back to CD in Harrods and came home with......

Pretty summer colours.
The full design: "Dance of The Swans"
but it does not 
photograph too well as it is so busy!

Images of bejewelled swans.
Jewels combined with animal print - perfect!
Some more detail.
Pretty bows and more jewels.

Christian Dior Logo.
Tied around and secured with medium scarf
ring.  The contrasting hem shows well too.

Bow Knot with medium scarf ring.

Slip knot with ring - photo with
no flash so you can see
the warmth of the colours better.
Friendship Knot.

And a trusty cowboy.

I am really impressed with Dior so far - OK this silk is not as heavy as Hermes or my Dior Anslem Reyle but then for summer it is nice to have a lighter weight. I was also impressed with Dior's customer service in Harrods - after my first purchase I got an email thanking me for my visit! 

This scarf is a 65-70cm and quite a saving on H prices too, so I think going forward I will be looking at other brands more closely as Hermes are getting a little out of reach price wise.


  1. Ohhhh, SA! What a gorgeous scarf! It's truly a jewel scarf… in the spirit of H’s Parures des sables! And the color combination is really original and lovely!

  2. Thank you Iris! This scarf ticked all the boxes when I tried it on, I am really pleased with it. I have a day trip to Paris planned 3 weeks today so I am looking forward to popping in to Dior for the first time and to H as well to see what goodies there may be. Have a great weekend. SA:-)

  3. Love the scarf. However agree it can be a bit busy. Reminds me of Givency black panther print which I felt was a let down in real life.

    Anyhow check out only those registered will get a special pre launch discount which only happens for limited hours.

    Also exhibition on at London for Hermes at 6 Burlington Gardens. Check it out. Hope this helps x

    1. Thank you Sarah - I hope to see the Hermes leather exhibition at some point, I will try to checkout that scarf place but last time I tried the website was not up and running. SA

  4. I am also contemplating switch to another brand for the same reason (Hermes pricing which is gettting out of decency, in my modest opinion) and in my case, there is one reason more - the designs which do excite me anymore at all.
    This Dior scarf is really nice and I like it a lot. It has perfect colour combo and I can see already how to use with all my wardrobe items, depending on effect I want to get...congrats on this beautiful scarf!
    The customer service sounds to be nice and respectful - I also like to be treated properly in high end boutiques and appreciate it a lot!
    After this experience, I will gladly look over the Dior fence! :-)
    Hugs, M.

    1. I would definitely recommend a visit even if only to look, I got a lovely magazine sent to me this week and it has all the latest Dior stuff in it really good - more interesting than the Hermes mag LOL! Thanks for dropping by! SAx