Thursday, 19 April 2012


Not my usual purchase at all, but after reading British Beauty Blogger's recent post about the Christian Louboutin Pop Up Shop in Selfridges, London, I decided to have a look at the tattoos that CL were doing - just because they were £5 so a very affordable little piece of a big designer label!

There were 4 different designs - a bit weird some of them if you ask me but I liked the CL logo best.
So I got the tattoos but the best - in my case - was yet to come....I adore fancy carrier bags so can you imagine how thrilled I was to be given this bag???!!!!

As 2012 is the 20th anniversary of Christian Louboutin the carrier bag has been dressed for the occasion!
Even the invoice card wrapper is amazing- the writing is embossed in like a rose gold shiny writing.  Tres chic!

And the sticky label used to secure the bag is even  a red sole shape LOL!  I peeled it off carefully to keep.
Anyway me loving posh bags as I do of course I had to have another bag so I went back a few weeks later to buy just one more set - only that time the small bags had run out.  The SA was so apologetic that she had to give me a large bag - NO PROBLEM for me!!!!!!!  I was in seventh bag heaven - silly isn't it?!  So here is the big bag and she even gave me an extra for my CL loving sister!
The pop up shop was due to close the next day so it is gone now, but it was fun while it lasted!

The latest news is that there will be a retrospective exhibition of CL shoes at the London Design Museum 01 May - 09 July 2012.  If it is anything like the Manolo Blahnik retro a few years ago, where all the shoes on exhibit were MY size too(!) it will be great! Details here
hopefully I can make it there and get some piccies to share.


  1. Dear SA,

    Another fabulous post with a great find. Thank you for putting me on to BBB ~ I really enjoy reading what's happening in the beauty world without having to trawl around the shops.

    Thank you for the tattoos and the divine bags too. They are enjoyed by all!


  2. Glad you like PP!! They are a little bit of fun. SAx

  3. Hello there!!
    Good post indeed!! I ordered them from the Design Museum as I didn't know about them (I missed the Chanel tattoos too!!). BBB is excelent, I can't either visit all the department stores around London! Thank you for the heads up!!!

  4. You're welcome Elina - good to know that the Design Museum are selling them too - hope you get a nice posh CL bag too!! Enjoy, SAx

  5. P.S. Yes BBB is fabulous - she's my favourite!! SAx