Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rushing Headlong Into 2013!

Happy New Year to everyone.  Sorry I have not blogged for a few weeks - I have been to London, Paris, home then back to London for a day and work is crazy so I do not know whether I am coming or going!!!  I have loads of pics from Christmas in London and Paris but I don't know whether you want to see more Christmas stuff?  

I have changed my internet browser from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox as I was having trouble loading the browser but the new one is not much better - my PC needs a clean down!  The change over is also possibly why I am having trouble with line spacing and the captions on the blog - so if it is looking too big or captions are out of line that is why!  It has driven me to distraction trying to fiddle it to get it looking right....hope it is acceptable.

Anyway to more important things - my Christmas present to myself is this thanks to Hermes Charles de Gaulle Airport - I think when you see the photos you will agree that this scarf is excellent value for money as it really is like having 2 in 1!!!
The wrong size box for a start!
What can you see?
Some horses...
Yay!!! Finally I found cw02 of Galop Chromatique!

The whole scarf - 2 scarves in 1!
The central horse and circles of colour.
Quite a kaleidoscope.
I love the way the effect of the mutli colours.

Equestrian secured with grande ring - pink side.
The same knot but using the green diagonal!
Half bow knot - pink.
Half bow - green.
Pink Friendship Knot.
Green Friendship Knot.
Here just a tied bow. So simple but effective!

Cossack - Pink side.
Cossack - Green side.
Cowboy with pink side V tied with ring.
Cowboy with green side V tied with ring.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new scarf! It's amazing it is 2 scarves in 1!!!

    I can't believe the different colourways in this one scarf.

    Great choice. Congratulations on your new scarf!


  2. HAPPY New Year to you and congrats on your new scarf! I had a Galop Chromatique too, but it looked terrible on me (colourwise). Yours is an excellent colour combination :-) Have a very HAPPY weekend :-)

    1. Hi Happyface - yes I tried the black and grey neutral and then a reddish one = total wash out! This was the one I liked from the start so glad I found it! Happy New Year to you , SAx

  3. Amazing colours. Congratulations. I would love to see your Xmas trip photos.


    1. Thank you Susan - OK will try to blog some more pics! SA:-)

  4. What a beautiful, and amazingly versatile scarf!
    Have just changed browsers myself, as having trouble with Blogger and could not post for a few days. Frustrating..

    1. Thank you Patricia - browsers argh!!!! SAx

  5. I LOVE this scarf! You wear it beautifully. Would love to see Christmas in London pics.

    1. Thank you SewingLibrarian. Yes will try to blog some more piccies! SA :-)

  6. It is a truly versatile scarf and this c/w is perfect. Your pics really do it justice (unlike mine on the pf!). I think this is going to be one of my all time favourites, congrats.

    1. Hi my scarf twin!!! It's great isn't it?! I agree will be a keeper I think. Now I need to master your gavroche technique as well! SAx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous congrats ! Elle x

  8. I got the same design but in the 05 cw. I was torn between yours and the pale lilac one but they are sooo versatile!