Sunday, 23 August 2015

2015 Venice Carnival Part 2 of 2

In the final travelogue from Venice I am sharing some more photos of the city and lovely costumes the people wore.
The beautiful vista as your approach Venice from the water.

Some truly amazing and colourful outfits!
Fantastical headwear!
Beautiful ladies I think you will agree.

Pure Carnival!

No Carnival is complete without the doggies!!
Bruno on the left is a regular!
I always enjoy the opportunity to have some famous Gelato when I am in Venice and it is VERY good.  The challenge each trip is a) to have an ice cream at least once a day and b) never to eat the same flavour twice!  I usually achieve this although sometimes I do have to have an extra Amaretto flavour if I can find it - usually Gelateria Nico has Amaretto:-)  Another favourite thing to have is an Aperol Spritz and some bars and cafes serve these with crisps too - yum!

So that was Venice's to 2016....Carnival is early next year so it will most likely be very cold.  I leave you with one last look of a typical Venetian canal.  Arriverderci Ciao!!

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