Sunday, 30 August 2015

Something New and Blue!

Following a job interview a couple of months ago I went to Hermes in Manchester in search of a specific scarf in a blue colourway.  Luckily they had one in stock :-)
Yes a Bateau Fleuri - this beautiful pink and blue ship hides
some lovely patterns when you look a bit closer...and I love
the little boat above showing Hermes Paris.  
The scarf and the sails of the boat are covered
in little butterflies, flowers and birds.

Some ways to wear - clockwise from the top left:-
Friendship Knot, a simple tie with a ring, 
a new look I learned from the SA using 
2 rings - I'll call it the "2 ring slide" and a Double Twist

Equestrian with a scarf ring, scarf flower
detail and a Cossack style with scarf ring

The sails of the scarf, an A-symetrical fold
and tie with ring and another look using the "2 ring slide" method.  

(How To coming soon!)

Cossack and Half Bow with ring.

I am really pleased with this scarf I love the colours and it even has a contrast hem (in white).  Hope you like it too.


  1. :-) The 2 ring slide looks lovely, I must try it.
    I like the combination of light and dark blue and how it mixes when you wear it.
    Looking forward to your How-To.

    Hope your job hunt was successful!?

    Have a very HAPPY evening :-)

    1. Hello HappyFace - glad you like - no the job i/v was not successful but it wasn't really what I wanted anyway...Ideally I want a job in travel!! Hope you are well. SA :-))

  2. This is a seriously lovely scarf. The colours are beautiful and the design really, really clever and stylish. As ever, your 'ways to wear' are fabulous too. x

    1. Hi Patricia - yes when I saw this cw on tpf it was one I knew I would have to have! SAx

  3. Dear SA,
    it is truly a confirmation of your status as a scarf knot-queen (I am always delighted by your ability to make the most beautiful knots).
    I like the scarf very much - I think blue-pink is one of the very useful colour combinations (easy to combine with most clothing).
    Hugs, Maria

    1. Thank you Maria - glad you like the scarf and the knots!! SAxx

  4. Beautiful scarf and amazing knotting. Please share the new one the SA showed you with two
    rings. I am so challenged in scarf tying. Thank the gods for those youtube videos.

    1. Hello Andee - the How To will be posted after the next scarf blog! Glad you like! SAx