Sunday, 9 August 2015

On My Travels...Random Ramblings

In the last 12 months I have traveled to a lot of cities - I usually have a reason or two to go - ballet, theatre and museum exhibitions being the main reasons.
The Chrysler Building

It is tiring but it gives me lots of memories too.  In December 2014 and May 2015 I was lucky enough to travel to New York.  I love The Metropolitan Museum and they have had some really great exhibitions on lately.  Instead of buying a ticket to enter (although you can pay what you like) I bought myself a membership - not only does this give me entry to the museum as often as I want, but it also means you can use the Members' Dining Room which is one of the very few places in NY that I have found that serves decent proper food.  On my travels I have found the worst place for food is Paris.  I have just been unable to find good food at a reasonable price there and on my last trip the one place I did like has closed - yes the French Onion Soup restaurant!  I could have cried.

I was discussing this very issue with a top London Chef and he agreed with me about Paris - apparently the chefs leave Paris to cook elsewhere to gain experience so the one place you would think would have great food does not.  Anyone got any thoughts on this issue?!

So as well as New York I have been to Venice (Carnival), Amsterdam, Gloucestershire/Highgrove Gardens, Barcelona, London, Paris, Barnard Castle, Northern Ireland.  I have lots of upcoming trips too to Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, London so you can see I am often not home and I really don't know where to start blogging all these trips!  I do Tweet photos when I am on my travels so that is quite good for keeping up (@Scarf_Addict).  I love Twitter - it gives me so much information about exhibitions and ballet etc...

One of my favourite things in NY is to wander the art galleries in The Met Museum.  It's not as crazy busy as other paces and to be able to stand in front of a painting without crowds pushing and shoving is sheer joy.
Degas - Little Dancer bronze

Some of the famous Degas paintings of dancers in Paris

Renoir - probably my most favourite Impressionist artist of all.
This is an 1878 painting called Madame Georges Charpentier and Her Children
Look at the dog... you can see the child (actually a boy dressed as a girl
as they did in those days) sitting on the dog... wonder he does not look too happy!

I loved this abstract painting - its shape and colours appeal to me

Here you can read about it.

Up close you can see the brush strokes.

So there is lots to see and do and to tell...I will try to gets some blogs done because I have been fortunate to make some great trips this year and see some amazing things.  Whilst I lost my job in June, I have decided to have some time off working and to travel - after working solid for 28 years I figured a break was OK.  It feels odd having no job and at times I feel anxious about the future and what I will end up doing but something in travel or the arts would be preferable to finance!  There are lots more scarves to share as well so don't worry!!


  1. What a super post, and you have been to some amazing places. I remember so well when we went to the Metropolitan in 1998, seeing that huge Renoir, and the impact it had on me. Never forgotten! I love the Severini painting, the colours are glorious - that is my favourite period of art history. So sorry you have lost your job, and I hope things work out well for you. Meantime, enjoy your travels (while we enjoy the posts?) xx

    1. Hi Patricia -great that the post brought back some memories! Thank you re my job..think I am avoiding it for now ;-)!! SAxx

  2. Dear SA, both your travels and photos are amazing - nice you are recording your travels in so beautiful ways. As your experience in travels and all related matters is huge, I hope your job will land in the area which is obviously favourite to you. I wish you a lot of luck in the job preferrable to you, hope to see the remaining scarves (which can only be joyful and nice, as you are Hermes expert too) and wish you many more nice trips in the future! (As for Paris - I spent 7 days there, relied on Internet sources/recommendations, but it did not function well, was expensive and not as good as I expected for so high prices. My impression.). Hugs, Maria

    1. Thank you Maria and for your kind thoughts - I agree about Paris too! Maybe I should open a restaurant there to solve the problem?!! SAxx

  3. Good lord, you think the dining room at the Met is one of the few places in all of NYC that serves "decent proper food?" Erm . . . you clearly have been visiting the wrong places. If you like that neighborhood (Upper East Side) how about Cafe Boulud? Or Sarabeth's for breakfast? Or Tre Otto? Or Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie? Or Sfoglia? Or Serafina? Or Atlantic Grill? Or Payard? Or Maison Kayser? Or Pascalou?

    1. Hello Miss Bates - well yes in the limited time I have had in NYC I'm afraid so! I don't have time to trawl Tripadvisor in search of the best places and have no contacts in NYC as such so it's been a case of trial and error. I usually stay just north of Times Square/Midtown. It was a relief to find the Members Dining Room! A lovely lady I met on the bus recommended Fiorello's at Lincoln Centre and that was lovely and I will return there. I shall note your recommendations for next time...thank you! SA:-)

  4. Some favourite places to eat in Paris: Le Grand Colbert (for weekday lunches, there is always a good value plat du jour - usually excellent); La Cigale Recamier (across the road from the Hermes boutique in rue de Sevre; if you like Italian for a change, try the weekday lunch special at Caffe Armani (opposite Café de Flore) on the bd St Germain; if you like English with a touch of French try the Rose Bakery café in Le Bon Marche; if you feel like splurge, book into Le Grand Vefour and order from their menu of the day at lunch, heavenly - but don't have breakfast beforehand. If you want American, try the Ralph Lauren restaurant in bd St Germain (a short walk from the Caffe Armani) fabulous on a nice sunny day, book a table in their courtyard. There are so many good places! Haven't yet tried the Alain Ducasse restaurant in the Plaza Athenee but have had many recommendations - believe it's wonderful (though not inexpensive) - next time! Best wishes, Pamela

  5. Wow thank you Pamela I shall note these down to try! Thank you SAxx